My summary of learnings about Remote Working through meetups, interviews and articles in 2020

In February, I left my job after improving the remote culture with two clear objectives, to spend more time with my family, and to research starting a new fully remote job.

Shortly after starting this new life, Covid arrived and my objectives quickly became inevitable. As we were forced into lockdown, spending time with my family was already in progress and, since most companies had gone fully remote, a lot of meetups and articles with remote working topics appeared.

Here you have a summary of this months of learning around remote working.

Coaching remotely

In this workshop, Claire Lew reinforced the idea that in remote enviroments , micromanagement simply does not work. I love the concept “Treat others as THEY want to be treated”, empathy is even more important in remote working.

Transitioning to Hybrid or Remote

My main takeaways from Bretton Putter’s workshop:

Radical focus

n remote working , we need to focus on the output. Implementing OKR’s is a great way to achieve that. Christina Wodtke shared some tips to implement OKR in the proper way.

Remote tools and Remote training

Nice recap of Remote tools and some tips to improve your remote trainings.

My main takeaways from Angel Medinilla’s meetup: