How to Hire Entrepreneurial Engineers and Why You Need Them - Interview with Mark Kinsella (VP of Engineering, Opendoor)

Entrepreneurial engineers are quickly overtaking 10X engineers in appreciation and value.

Software engineering is all about the customer and business needs. The value of a technical solution is only as much as it supports customers and business goals.

How do you find entrepreneurial engineers who have a business-focused approach to software development?

How do you create an environment where they can flourish and make your business take off?

How do you nudge great engineers towards focusing more on the business side?

We bring you answers to these questions from Mark Kinsella, VP of Engineering at Opendoor. He’s been building and scaling teams where the business mindset is essential, and he shares his experience in finding the right type of engineers. Interviewed by Karolina Toth on episode 44 of the Level-up Engineering podcast.