You can break down the way most people schedule their days into two categories: Makers vs. managers.

There are people who spend most of their day managing—either other people or projects. And there are those who spend their time making—writing docs, designing logos, coding apps, etc…

At least that’s how it would look in a perfect world.

In reality, most of us spend our days frantically trying to balance making and managing. We set out to focus on something big and then end up in meetings, on calls, chasing other people for tasks, and overwhelmed with “managing”.

This causes all sorts of friction and issues–especially if you’re a designer, writer, developer, or anyone hired to dream up innovative ideas and get creative.

But here’s the thing: With a few small tweaks, you can create a schedule that gives you time to focus on what’s important and keep up with meetings, calls, emails, and “urgent” tasks.