At LeadingIn.Tech we believe great leaders are the north star that inspire others to achieve great things together. We want to empower them with the right tools so that they get access to everything they need to unlock all of their potential and of their teams.

At LeadingIn.Tech we aim to build the most comprehensive toolkit for leaders in technology and provide them the necessary resources to help them grow and better lead their teams. We know every leader have different needs, thats why at the Content Discovery Team we provide solutions that will facilitate access to relevant context according to their company size, location, development stage, their position or their personal background. At the Toolkit Content Discovery team we build tools to allow them find and discover the right content at the right time.

We are looking for a software engineer to work on the of the end to end development of the experience of Content Discovery, from data ingestion, classification and discoverability.

You will:

** Work on a multidisciplinary team delivering impactful projects.

The ideal candidate will:

** Have passion for sharing knowledge and helping others grow professionally

Some skills or knowledge that will help you onboard faster in the role but are not mandatory:

** You are familiar with no-code/low-code platforms and able to automate tasks to generate, organise and deliver content. (Some stuff we use: Notion, Substack, Cloudflare, Zapier, Typeform)