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The Asynchronous Approach: Remote Management Tips from a Digital Nomad

Cate Huston, Engineering Director of Mobile at DuckDuckGo

In episode #30, Cate Huston shares the lessons and best practices she has learned as a remote manager at companies like DuckDuckGo, Automattic, and Google. Tune in to learn about asynchronous communication, remote onboarding, and being authentic while having manager role models.

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Episode 29

How to Stay Aligned in the Midst of a Collaboration Revolution

Bruce Tulgan , CEO at RainmakerThinking

In episode #29, Bruce Tulgan identifies what it takes for teams to collaborate confidently, make good decisions, and as a result, produce excellent work.

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Diagnose the Question: Why Listening Is More Important Than Giving Advice

Sarah Milstein, Senior Director of Engineering at Mailchimp

In episode #28, Sarah Milstein reflects on some “bad boss behaviour” she has witnessed in her career and shares how behaviour affects output. Tune in to hear about the importance of listening before reacting or jumping to conclusions.

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Episode 27

Teams Across Timezones: How to Be an Effective Remote Manager